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Mercedes Ultra VIP Vito With Driver

Ultra Vip Vito Side

Transfer Service is the right choice when you want to make yourselves and your guests special as close as a phone when you want your exclusive Ultra Vito-V as your vip car.
Our ultra vip vito vehicle is for 4 people.
125 Km or 12 Hours?

Our Mercedes Ultra vip vito vehicles are designed as seats which will make you feel special during your private journey as we fully utilize our exclusive car rental service through a special design process to be used in your private airport transfers and driver?s car rental services. Within our Ultra exclusive leased vehicles; leather seats, electronic or portable table, refrigerator, mini bar, satellite tv, dvd player, ultra vip. coffee machine and a variety of in-car beverages are waiting to be allocated to you in a variety of special requests in accordance with your special requests. Our rental exclusive vehicles are also suitable for protocol usage, and vehicles can be rented as an authority vehicle by equipping them with the necessary equipments according to the position of the person to make the program and vip transfer.

As airport transfer service is the right choice when you want to make yourselves and your guests special as close as a phone when you want your mercedes vito as your vip car.
Our ultra vip vito vehicle is for 6 people.

Services you can use

  • Istanbul Airport transfer minibus rental ( Sabiha Gokcen Transfer, Istanbul new Airport Transfer )
  • If you are traveling on a city tour, you can rent a minibus for the whole day.
  • Rent a minibus with a driver outside the city. ( transfer to bursa, transfer to sapanca transfer to kartalk, transfer to uluda?, transfer to kartepe transfer etc. )
  • Protocol, authority car rental Mercedes Vito V with driver.
  • Special Welcome and Door services at airports (sabiha gokcen, istanbul new airport ).
  • All day vip car rental with driver Special trips and special days Shopping tours and Special days rental.
  • Crossing to the Asian Side will incur additional costs.
  • Parking fees are extra and will directly be paid to the driver by the guests.
  • Please refer to the map provided for the areas eligible with the standard pricing. The areas colored yellow represent the ?heart of Istanbul? where all the main attractions are; the base price covers a very big piece of what there is to see and visit for tourists in Istanbul.

Information about our rental vehicles:

Check out our other Minivan VIP Vito Vehicle.
Mercedes Ultra VIP Vito V type are specially luxury designed by our company according to the requests of my customers. Our main goal is to provide you with a privileged service.
In vehicle and extra equipment vary according to budget. We have options to adapt to every budget in our vehicle fleet. Rental as vip Van have advanced air conditioning, 220V electric, coffee machine, 1 big LED TV, refrigerator, valuables, internet, Apple TV, Netflix, computer connection, night vision camera. Our vip vans for rent 2017-2019 model, 6 + 1 passenger and 1 driver total 8 people. There is no extra insurance charge from our customers. Our prices may vary according to distance and day. Credit card is valid in our company if you wish you can purchase online.

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