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SeaBlue Travel Terms Of Use



    • 1. Descrip­tion of Trans­port Ser­vices
    • 2. Legal Sta­tus of the Com­pa­ny
    • 3. Poli­cies of Trans­port Ser­vices
    • 4. Dec­la­ra­tions of Trav­ellers
    • 5. Company’s rights- Lim­i­ta­tion of Lia­bil­i­ty
    • 6. Charges and Pay­ment Pol­i­cy
    • 7. Trav­ellers’ opin­ion
    • 8. Dis­claimer
    • 1. Copy­right
    • 2. Τech­ni­cal Sup­port
    • 3. Exter­nal links
    • 4. Con­tact
    • 5. Final Terms
    • 6. Waiv­er
    • 7. Inva­lid­i­ty of Term
    • 8. Assign­ment
    • 9. Applic­a­ble Law/Jurisdiction


The fol­low­ing Gen­er­al Terms and Con­di­tions of Use of the Plat­form and Ser­vice (here­inafter referred to as the «Gen­er­al Terms of Use» or «Gen­er­al Terms» ) have been estab­lished by the Lim­it­ed Lia­bil­i­ty Com­pa­ny under the name “SeaBlue Tours LTD Sti.” , which oper­ates and man­ages the web plat­form under the trade brand name “SeaBlue Tours” , through which tourists/travellers (here­inafter “Trav­ellers” , “You” , “Yours”, “User” ) make a book­ing of a trans­port ser­vice as defined here­in (here­inafter “Trans­port Ser­vices”) oper­at­ed by dri­vers of Pri­vate and Pub­lic Use Vehi­cles who have an Account in the Plat­form (here­inafter the “Dri­vers” ) through which they receive by Us, act­ing as inter­me­di­ary between You and the Dri­ves, noti­fi­ca­tions and requests for the pro­vi­sion of Trans­port Ser­vices to You (here­inafter “Ser­vice ”).

The fol­low­ing Gen­er­al Terms of Use of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice (here­inafter “Terms of Use” , or “Gen­er­al Terms of Use” ) con­sti­tute the legal­ly bind­ing terms and con­di­tions applic­a­ble to Your access and use of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice, includ­ing any use of soft­ware, ser­vices, fea­tures, func­tions, con­tent, website(s) and hyper­links and / or any oth­er appli­ca­tions pro­vid­ed from time to time by the Com­pa­ny in the Plat­form and/or in the Ser­vice.

Before any use of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice, You are advised to read the present Terms of Use and make sure You agree with them. In case You dis­agree with any term and / or all of them, You should not use the Plat­form and the Ser­vice. In case You have any inquiries or You need any clar­i­fi­ca­tion and/or infor­ma­tion regard­ing the Terms of Use, or You have any prej­u­dice or rel­e­vant inquiry, You can con­tact Our Cus­tomer Sup­port Team at the phone num­bers shown in the web­site or via the email, before any use of the Plat­form. By using the Plat­form you war­rant and acknowl­edge that You have reviewed, under­stood and accept these Gen­er­al Terms of Use uncon­di­tion­al­ly and with­out any prej­u­dice and that You are bound by them.

Our Com­pa­ny reserves the right to amend, mod­i­fy, renew, delete, add or restrict uni­lat­er­al­ly (a) these Terms of Use in whole or in part; (b) its Poli­cies; © the Ser­vice; (d) the Tech­ni­cal Spec­i­fi­ca­tions of the Plat­form or oth­er (here­inafter referred to as the “Changes” ) at its sole dis­cre­tion and / or when any amend­ment, as above, is required by law, pos­si­bly with­out Your pri­or notice or con­sent, nev­er­the­less with­in the con­text of the busi­ness ethics and lim­its set forth by law. The Com­pa­ny under­takes the oblig­a­tion to noti­fy You any Changes, through the Plat­form by a promi­nent notice when the Users enters the Plat­form. Any Changes will be effec­tive from the date of their post­ing. It is clar­i­fied that any change to these Terms of Use does not cov­er book­ings or oth­er trans­ac­tions and uses of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice which have been made before the entry into force of the Changes and been accept­ed by our Com­pa­ny. How­ev­er, in case the Users wish any clar­i­fi­ca­tion or infor­ma­tion regard­ing the Changes, or in case they have any dis­pute, reser­va­tion or enquiry relat­ed to these Changes, pri­or to any action made by them on the Plat­form, they should con­tact Our Cus­tomer Sup­port team. Any action, use or trans­ac­tion made by the Users on the Plat­form, includ­ing the use of the Ser­vice itself, fol­low­ing the Changes, is con­sid­ered as an uncon­di­tion­al accep­tance there­of.

It should be not­ed that any infor­ma­tion / clar­i­fi­ca­tion grant­ed by the Cus­tomer Sup­port regard­ing the Terms of Use does not con­sti­tute a replace­ment, sub­sti­tu­tion or any mod­i­fi­ca­tion of these Terms of Use, as they are pro­vid­ed sole­ly for the pur­pose of assist­ing the Users whilst the Terms Use con­sti­tute our sole and exclu­sive agree­ment.

The Com­pa­ny reserves the right at any time, with­out pro­vid­ing any jus­ti­fi­ca­tion and with­out pri­or notice to the User, to can­cel, sus­pend or ter­mi­nate the oper­a­tion of the Ser­vice, to revoke or cus­tomize the Plat­form, or cer­tain fea­tures of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice. The Users are sole­ly and exclu­sive­ly respon­si­ble and liable with regard to the use of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice.
You acknowl­edge and under­stand that You must com­ply with the Terms of Use of the provider which co-oper­at­ing with Your device (referred to here­inafter as the “Provider’s Terms of Use”).
The Provider’s Terms of Use are con­sid­ered to be incor­po­rat­ed here­in. The Users are sole­ly and exclu­sive­ly respon­si­ble and liable as far as the oblig­a­tion to deter­mine the Provider’s Terms of Use applic­a­ble to their Device is con­cerned.


1. Description of Transport Services to Travelers

1.1 Book­ing a Trans­port Ser­vice with Us, means that a Dri­ver will become the per­son who will greet and wel­come You to their city, and / or will trans­fer You dur­ing Your stay.

In par­tic­u­lar, the trans­port ser­vices that You can book through the Plat­form, are the fol­low­ing (here­inafter referred to as ” Trans­port Ser­vices ” or “Pick­ups” or “Trans­fer” ):

  • 1.1.1 Trav­ellers’ Trans­port from and to air­ports, ports, train sta­tions, bus sta­tions.
  • 1.1.2 Trav­ellers‘ Trans­port from and to place of res­i­dence.
  • 1.1.3 Trav­ellers‘ Trans­port from and to sight­see­ings.
  • 1.1.4 Trav­ellers’ Trans­port from and to a point of inter­est in the city, includ­ing stop(s) over (for food, activ­i­ty, pho­tos, etc.). 1.1.5 Trav­ellers’ Trans­port while in tour and trans­port from and to places of activ­i­ties based on their inter­ests.
  • 1.2 At the point You will be wel­comed by the Dri­ver, You will receive prod­ucts that You may have pur­chased from Us. and/or prod­ucts that the We dis­trib­ute free of charge (sou­venirs, local
    sweets, city maps, etc.).
  • 1.4 To make Your pick ups a per­son­al expe­ri­ence for You, We will for­ward You the Driver’s name, sur­name and their mobile phone and/or their pho­to in case We have been pro­vid­ed with

We are not a licensed pri­vate hire oper­a­tor, nor a trans­porta­tion car­ri­er and WE DO NOT pro­vide the Trans­port Ser­vices. We act sole­ly as an inter­me­di­ary between You and the Dri­ver. By book­ing Your Pick­up through the Plat­form, You enter into a direct and legal­ly bind­ing con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship with the Dri­ver who accepts Your Pick­up. The Com­pa­ny pro­vides infor­ma­tion and a method to facil­i­tate the Trans­port Ser­vices, but does not intend to pro­vide Trans­port Ser­vices or act in any way as a trans­porta­tion car­ri­er, there­fore has no respon­si­bil­i­ty or lia­bil­i­ty for any Trans­port Ser­vices pro­vid­ed to You by the Dri­vers.

2. Legal Status of the Company

2.1 Our Com­pa­ny pro­vides elec­tron­ic or tele­phone medi­a­tion ser­vices for the trans­port of Trav­ellers. As an e‑mediator body in the Trans­port Ser­vice that Dri­vers car­ry out, we act sole­ly as inter­me­di­aries between the Trav­ellers and the Dri­vers. Through its Plat­form, the Com­pa­ny pro­vides medi­a­tion ser­vices for the pro­vi­sion of Trans­port Ser­vices from Dri­vers to Trav­el­ers. Actu­al­ly, the Com­pa­ny does not itself pro­vide nor could it be con­sid­ered to pro­vide the Trans­port Ser­vices by itself, since it is not a licensed trans­port oper­a­tor. In case that You make a book­ing of a Trans­port Ser­vice through the Plat­form, You acknowl­edge that you are enter­ing into a con­tract for the pro­vi­sion of the Trans­port Ser­vice sole­ly with the Dri­vers and You and the Dri­ver bear sole lia­bil­i­ty for the ful­fill­ment of the pro­vi­sion of the Trans­port.

2.2 The Com­pa­ny does not pro­vide trans­port ser­vices, and it is not involved in the rela­tion­ship between You and the Dri­ver who Picks You Up, as the con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship for the pro­vi­sion of Trans­port Ser­vice, is estab­lished exclu­sive­ly between You and the Dri­ver who under­takes to pro­vide You with Trans­port Ser­vices. In no way does the Com­pa­ny par­tic­i­pate as a con­tract­ing par­ty in these con­tracts, nor does it obtain any rights or oblig­a­tions deriv­ing from such con­tracts. The Com­pa­ny assumes no respon­si­bil­i­ty for the Trav­el­ers’ trans­port, for which Dri­vers are sole­ly respon­si­ble. As a result, the Com­pa­ny, its rep­re­sen­ta­tives, employ­ees and assis­tants are not liable in any way for the risks asso­ci­at­ed with the con­clu­sion, exe­cu­tion and com­ple­tion of the trans­ac­tions between the Trav­el­ers and Dri­vers and are not liable in any way for any dam­ages deriv­ing from such trans­ac­tions. Besides, the choice of whether to book a Pick Up through the Plat­form, is at Your sole dis­cre­tion. How­ev­er, if You accept it, You are bound and war­rant that You will meet all oblig­a­tions aris­ing out of these Terms of Use.

2.3 The Com­pa­ny does not rep­re­sent You or the Dri­ver, so it does not pro­vide any guar­an­tees regard­ing the qual­i­ty of the Trans­port Ser­vices, the com­ple­tion of the Trans­fer, Trav­el­ers’ and Dri­vers’ behav­ior. In addi­tion, the Com­pa­ny does not rep­re­sent or act on behalf of any trans­port com­pa­ny.

2.4 Please note that Dri­vers do not have an employ­ment rela­tion­ship with the Com­pa­ny or its part­ners. The Plat­form con­sti­tutes a method of link­ing You to Dri­vers. In addi­tion, the Com­pa­ny does not pro­vide any insur­ance to Dri­vers or to their vehi­cles and assumes no lia­bil­i­ty if You lose Your staff while on a Pick Up.

2.5 The Com­pa­ny may refer Dri­vers to You for the pro­vi­sion of the Trans­port Ser­vices. It will not eval­u­ate the suit­abil­i­ty, legal­i­ty or abil­i­ty of any Dri­ver and You express­ly waive and relieve the Com­pa­ny of any and all claims, lia­bil­i­ties or dam­ages aris­ing from, or are in any way relat­ed to, the Dri­ver. The Com­pa­ny shall not be part of any dis­pute between You and the Dri­vers. By book­ing Trans­port Ser­vices, You acknowl­edge that the Com­pa­ny has no involve­ment in the con­trac­tu­al rela­tion­ship between the Dri­ver and You, how­ev­er the Trans­port Ser­vices are gov­erned by these Gen­er­al Terms.

2.6 The inter-Medi­a­tion ser­vices We pro­vide are only avail­able for per­son­al, non-com­mer­cial use. There­fore, it is not per­mit­ted to resale, dis­trib­ute through deep-link, use, copy, track (e.g. through spi­der, scrape), dis­play, down­load or repro­duce any con­tent or infor­ma­tion, soft­ware, prod­ucts or ser­vices avail­able at the Plat­form, for any com­mer­cial or com­pet­i­tive activ­i­ty or pur­pose.

3. Policies of the Transport Services

3.1 Book­ing Pol­i­cy

We do not oper­ate Our Ser­vice in every city. To find out if We can serve You in Your des­ti­na­tion, You have to check with Us.

To book Your trans­fer, You need to pro­vide Us with some infor­ma­tion such as Your per­son­al details and con­tact points (email – mobile), the Pick Up place, date and time, Your place of des­ti­na­tion, flight num­ber in case You arrive by plane so We can make arrange­ments in Your favor in case there is a delay, the num­ber of pas­sen­gers and their pieces of lug­gage in order to arrange for the right Vehi­cle to pick You up, and also Your pay­ment infor­ma­tion. You have to accept Our Terms of Use and Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy, should You wish to make a book­ing for Your trans­fer with Us.

When a book­ing trans­fer is placed with Us, You will receive a con­fir­ma­tion email of receipt of Your book­ing trans­fer and We will pro­vide You with Your Book­ing code and the meet­ing point at the Pick­up place. We will exam­ine whether We can serve the Trans­fer as a whole, or We have grounds to reject it, accord­ing to the pro­vi­sions of the present Gen­er­al Terms of Use. Once a Wel­come Dri­ver has been assigned to oper­ate your Trans­fer we will pro­vide You with their name Impor­tant Legal Notice: Please note that com­ple­tion of the online book­ing process along with the acknowl­edge­ment email We send to You, does not con­sti­tute Our accep­tance of Your offer to book a Trans­fer through Us, even though on the acknowl­edge­ment email of Your offer, the Book­ing code is depict­ed. Our accep­tance of Your offer to pro­vide through Our Plat­form with a Trans­fer, will take place only when We take pay­ment from You (i.e. when Your card or Pay­Pal account is cred­it­ed). We reserve the right to decline a Book­ing Order for any rea­son, includ­ing legal and reg­u­la­to­ry rea­sons. If we can­not pro­vide You with the Trans­port Ser­vice, We will not process Your order, We will inform You as soon as pos­si­ble and, if You have already paid for the prod­ucts we can­not deliv­er, refund You in full in a time­ly man­ner.

You are sole­ly respon­si­ble for sub­mit­ting Us Your real per­son­al data when book­ing a pick up with through Us. You also war­rant and rep­re­sent that Your are the hold­er or have legal rights on the pay­ment cars/ accounts details You pro­vide Us with and that there is enough mon­ey to cov­er the val­ue of the Trans­fer Ser­vice. We may pro­ceed (how­ev­er, are not oblig­ed to) in an exam­i­na­tion process of the pay­ment details You pro­vide Us with when choos­ing cred­it card as a pay­ment method or via Online Providers. In case an error, mis­lead­ing state­ment or oth­er prob­lem occurs, We may, at Our sole dis­cre­tion reject Your Order.

3.2 Traveller Cancellation Request Policy

You have the right to can­cel a Trans­fer already booked through Us, at any time by con­tact­ing  the Com­pa­ny either by phone call at the phone num­ber pro­vid­ed in the con­fir­ma­tion email or in the web­site or email sent to

If a can­cel­la­tion request is received by Us up to 24 hours pri­or to the sched­uled pick up time, you have the fol­low­ing options:

a) reserve the amount paid to be used for any future Trans­fer in the cities we oper­ate. In this case, You get a coupon equal to this amount, which can be used by You or You can even pass it to anoth­er Trav­eller, and can be used for a lim­it­ed peri­od of 12 months from the day of your can­cel­la­tion request. If the coupon amount is high­er the cost of the new book­ing, there is no refund for the dif­fer­ence, the total cost of the new book­ing is cov­ered by the coupon. If the coupon amount is less than the cost of the new book­ing, the Trav­eller will have to pro­ceed with a pay­ment of the dif­fer­ence. The coupon is issued for a sin­gle use and can not be can­celed.

b) pro­ceed with can­cel­la­tion. In this case, there is a can­cel­la­tion fee of 20% of the amount paid which will be held by Us. The rest 80% is refund­ed to You.

If a can­cel­la­tion request is received by the Com­pa­ny with­in less than 24 hours pri­or to the sched­uled pick up time, it is con­sid­ered as a last minute and non refund­able can­cel­la­tion, result­ing in a 100% can­cel­la­tion fee and NO refund to the Trav­eller.

3.3 Traveller Change Request Policy

You can con­tact the Com­pa­ny via a phone call at the phone num­ber pro­vid­ed in the con­fir­ma­tion email or in the web­site or email at and ask to change any of the book­ing details up until 12 hours pri­or the sched­uled pick­up time.

Depend­ing on the changes request­ed, the Trans­fer price might change. On that occa­sion, the new Trans­fer price will be com­mu­ni­cat­ed to You, and the new Trans­fer details will be in effect once there is pay­ment con­fir­ma­tion of the new Trans­fer price where applic­a­ble. If the new Trans­fer price is less, the Com­pa­ny shall par­tial­ly refund You. If the new Trans­fer price is more You should give us Your con­sent to charge Your card with the addi­tion­al amount (if any) due to the change request.

The Com­pa­ny can­not accom­mo­date any changes to the details of Trans­fers request­ed with­in less than 12 hours pri­or to the sched­uled pick­up time. I n this occa­sion, the Trans­fer will either be oper­at­ed as ini­tial­ly booked, or the You can pro­ceed with a can­cel­la­tion request, as per the Trav­eller Can­cel­la­tion Request Pol­i­cy.

3.4 Complimentary Waiting Time Policy

Your Wel­com­er will be wait­ing for You at the Pick Up place at the time that is sched­uled in the Book­ing Order, sub­ject to the pro­vi­sions of this Com­ple­men­tary Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy and Extra Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy, so You must make sure that You show up in time, to avoid as being marked as a non-show where all the Terms of the Trav­ellers’ No – Show Pol­i­cy apply.

The Com­pa­ny offers the fol­low­ing com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing times, depend­ing on the type of Trans­fer booked:

  •  Air­port: 60 min­utes
  •  Port, Train Sta­tion, Bus Sta­tion: 30 min­utes
  • Oth­er pick­ups (incl. Sight­see­ing Rides): 20 min­utes

The com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time starts count­ing from the sched­uled pick­up time.

More specif­i­cal­ly, for an airport/port pick­up where the sched­uled pick­up time is oth­er than the flight/ship arrival time and the flight/ship is delayed and expect­ed lat­er than the sched­uled pick­up time, the new arrival time becomes the pick­up time.

For an airport/port pick­up where the sched­uled pick­up time is the flight/ship arrival time and there is a flight/ship delay, the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time starts from the moment the flight/ship arrives pro­vid­ed the Trav­eller has pro­vid­ed cor­rect and ade­quate flight/ship details to allow for the track­ing of the arrival. The above is true for up to 8 hours of flight/ship delay. If the flight/ship is delayed more than 8 hours, the Trans­fer is can­celled and the entire Trans­fer fee is refund­ed to the Trav­eller.

For an airport/port pick­up where the pick­up time is the flight/ship arrival time and the flight/ship arrives ear­li­er than the sched­uled time, the sched­uled pick­up time remains the ini­tial sched­uled pick­up time.

For an air­port pick­up where the Trav­ellers are arriv­ing with more than one flights, the Com­pa­ny con­sid­ers the sched­uled pick­up time to be the one declared by the Trav­eller as the arrival time dur­ing the book­ing, or an updat­ed arrival time as per the Trav­eller Change Request Pol­i­cy. Any notes left by the Trav­eller dur­ing the book­ing men­tion­ing sev­er­al flights do not con­sti­tute a sched­uled pick­up time adjust­ment. In the occa­sion where a group of Trav­ellers arriv­ing with mul­ti­ple flights land­ing at dif­fer­ent times have booked one Trans­fer, it is sug­gest­ed that they add in the flight details the flight arriv­ing last.

3.5 Extra Waiting time Policy

Extra wait­ing time is defined as an amount of time in addi­tion to the com­ple­men­tary wait­ing time offered by the Com­pa­ny for which the Trav­eller asks the Dri­ver to wait for them.

You can ask for the Dri­ver to wait for You longer than Company’s com­ple­men­tary wait­ing time as per the Com­ple­men­tary Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy, either in advance (before the Trans­fer is oper­at­ed) or the lat­est by the end of the com­ple­men­tary wait­ing time. You can do so by con­tact­ing Company’s Cus­tomer Sup­port either by a phone call at the phone num­ber pro­vid­ed in the con­fir­ma­tion email or in the web­site or by send­ing an email at The Com­pa­ny can guar­an­tee only the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time as addi­tion­al wait­ing time for the Trav­eller if the extra wait­ing time has not been asked for at least 12 hours before the sched­uled pick­up time.

If You request an extra wait­ing time and the assigned Dri­ver can accom­mo­date this, an extra fee will be charged to You for every 15 min­utes of extra wait­ing time, as fol­lows:

  • For a Pick­up where a Sedan car-type is assigned: EUR 6.00 / 15 min
  • For a Pick­up where a Mini­vans car-type is assigned: EUR 9.00 / 15 min
  • For a Pick­up where a Minibus car-type is assigned: EUR 12.00 / 15 min

The Com­pa­ny does not charge any addi­tion­al com­mis­sions to these fees.

When the extra wait­ing time request can be accom­mo­dat­ed by the Dri­ver, You have to con­sent on the addi­tion­al applic­a­ble fees either over a phone call with the Com­pa­ny or by com­plet­ing the trans­ac­tion by Your­self in the link that the Com­pa­ny shall send to You . Pay­ment of the fee can be made either in cash direct­ly to the Dri­ver before the start of the Trans­fer, or elec­tron­i­cal­ly to
the Com­pa­ny.

3.6 Traveller No-Show Policy

Trav­eller No-Show (TNS) is defined as a Trav­eller not being at the pick­up loca­tion by the end of the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time, or the extra wait­ing time if that has been agreed between the Trav­eller, the assigned Dri­ver and the Com­pa­ny as per the Com­ple­men­tary Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy and the Extra Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy .

The pick­up loca­tion is defined as the place where the Trav­eller has asked to be picked up from. In case of airport/port pick­up, the Com­pa­ny noti­fies You via the book­ing con­fir­ma­tion email the exact pick­up loca­tion where the Dri­ver will be wait­ing for You (i.e. Arrivals hall, Depar­ture hall, etc.).

In the occa­sions where the Trav­eller fails to appear at the pick­up loca­tion by the end of their com­ple­men­tary wait­ing time, or the end of the extra wait­ing time, or if an “Extra Wait­ing Time” request has not been able to be accom­mo­dat­ed by the Dri­ver, the Trans­fer is marked as a “Trav­eller No Show” (“TNS”). In this case no amount is refund­ed to the Trav­eller. If an extra wait­ing time was agreed with the Trav­eller as per the Extra Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy, the Trav­eller must pay the extra wait­ing fee as well.

If You are not at the pick­up loca­tion at the sched­uled pick­up time, and the Pick up place is an Air­port, Port, Train Sta­tion or Bus Sta­tion, the assigned Dri­ver will try to con­tact You via text/Whatsapp/Viber or he will try to call You on Your Mobile. By book­ing a Trans­fer You con­sent to Us pro­vid­ing Your mobile phone num­ber to Your Wel­com­er.

A pos­si­ble TNS will be report­ed by Your Wel­com­er to the Com­pa­ny, at the fol­low­ing times:

  • For air­port pick­ups by 45 min­utes of a Traveller’s delay to appear at the pick­up loca­tion after the sched­uled pick­up time
  • For Port, Train Sta­tion, Bus Sta­tion pick­ups by 15 min­utes of a Traveller’s delay to appear at the pick­up loca­tion after the sched­uled pick­up time
  • For Sight­see­ing Rides and oth­er Trans­port Ser­vices by 5 min­utes of a Traveller’s delay to appear at the pick­up loca­tion after the sched­uled pick­up time

Upon a Driver’s noti­fi­ca­tion of a pos­si­ble TNS, the Com­pa­ny will try to con­tact the You (via call and/or text/Whatsapp/Viber and/or email) in an effort to locate You. These efforts will be car­ried out until the end of the Your com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time as per these present Terms of Use.

By the end of Your com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time, the fol­low­ing will hap­pen:

  • If You have not been reached (have not replied) , We must “release” the Dri­ver. In this occa­sion, the Trans­fer is marked as a “TNS”.
  • If You have been reached and have com­mu­ni­cat­ed that You will be at the pick­up loca­tion by the end of the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time, We must inform the Dri­ver to wait. If You fails to appear by the end of the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time, We will make one final effort to reach out to You, and depend­ing on the out­come, either release the dri­ver imme­di­ate­ly, or fol­low Company’s Extra Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy accord­ing­ly.
  • If You have been reached and You have asked for extra wait­ing time, We will con­tact the Dri­ver where­as the Extra Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy will apply accord­ing­ly.

You have 24 hours to dis­pute a TNS by con­tact­ing Welcome’s Cus­tomer Sup­port. In the occa­sion You dis­pute a TNS, if the Dri­ver was at the pick­up loca­tion between the sched­uled pick up time and the end of the com­pli­men­ta­ry wait­ing time (or extra wait­ing time if applic­a­ble), there is suf­fi­cient evi­dence to assume the Dri­ver was at the pick­up loca­tion as per Company’s poli­cies. If there is suf­fi­cient evi­dence to assume that both You and the Dri­ver were at the pick­up loca­tion but failed to meet each oth­er and the Trans­fer was not oper­at­ed, You will be refund­ed 80% of the Trans­fer price, where­as the 20% will be kept by Us in order to cov­er par­tial­ly Driver’s fee, since the Com­pa­ny is respon­si­ble to pay them their fee.

3.7 Driver No-Show Policy

The Dri­ver must be at the pick­up loca­tion by the sched­uled pick­up time. If the Dri­ver is to be up to 10 min­utes late, they will con­tact and noti­fy the Trav­eller (via call and text/Whatsapp) as much in advance as pos­si­ble, and the lat­est by the sched­uled pick­up time. If the Dri­ver is to be more than 10 min­utes late, they will con­tact and noti­fy Com­pa­ny ’s CS as much in advance as pos­si­ble, and the lat­est by the sched­uled pick­up time. Com­pa­ny ’s CS will con­tact the Trav­eller and noti­fy them of the expect­ed Dri­ver delay.

3.8 Baggage Allowance Policy

When book­ing the Trans­fer, You are request­ed to declare the num­ber of pieces of lug­gage You will be car­ry­ing with them dur­ing the Trans­fer.

One piece of lug­gage is con­sid­ered to be

  • A medi­um to large sized back­pack
  • An aver­age suit­case, whether it’s a car­ry-on or checked-in type (vol­ume not to exceed 100lt)

Should You car­ry addi­tion­al items such as baby car­riages, pet car­ri­ers, sports equip­ment, fold­able wheel­chairs, musi­cal instru­ments, etc. You must declare one piece of lug­gage for each one of those items and add a note to the book­ing describ­ing them. The Com­pa­ny might con­tact You for clar­i­fi­ca­tions and adjust the book­ing details accord­ing­ly in order to ensure the prop­er car-type is assigned to oper­ate the Trans­fer.

The Trans­fer price and the car-type assigned to oper­ate the booked trans­fer are cal­cu­lat­ed amongst oth­er fac­tors based on the num­ber of Trav­ellers and pieces of lug­gage declared. If You appears with more trav­ellers and/or car­ry­ing more pieces of lug­gage than declared, and the assigned Dri­ver can­not safe­ly and legal­ly accom­mo­date these, the Dri­ver will con­tact Company’s CS before the start of the Trans­fer explain­ing the sit­u­a­tion, and assist You in hail­ing anoth­er Vehi­cle. In that occa­sion the Dri­ver will only car­ry the num­ber of Trav­ellers and pieces of lug­gage declared in the Trans­fer book­ing.

If You appear with more Trav­ellers and/or car­ry­ing more pieces of lug­gage than declared, and the assigned Dri­ver can safe­ly and legal­ly accom­mo­date these (i.e. in the case where a Mini­van car-type accept­ed a Sedan car-type Trans­fer), the Dri­ver must con­tact the Com­pa­ny’ before the start of the Trans­fer explain­ing the sit­u­a­tion. If the addi­tion­al num­ber of Trav­ellers and/or lug­gage com­bi­na­tion yield a dif­fer­ent Trans­fer price, the Com­pa­ny will recal­cu­late this and noti­fy You accord­ing­ly. If You con­sent to pay­ing the addi­tion­al charges, the Dri­ver will accom­mo­date the addi­tion­al pas­sen­gers and/or pieces of lug­gage. Oth­er­wise, the Dri­ver will kind­ly assist You in hail­ing anoth­er vehi­cle and car­ry the num­ber of Trav­ellers and pieces of lug­gage declared in the Trans­fer book­ing.

The Com­pa­ny will not bare the cost of any oth­er means of trans­porta­tion used by You.

3.9 Traveller Refund Policy

Trans­fer fee paid by a Trav­eller will be offered as an open date coupon (as men­tioned in arti­cle 3.2 Trav­eller Can­cel­la­tion Request Pol­i­cy) in the fol­low­ing occa­sions:

  • If the booked Trans­fer is can­celed by the Com­pa­ny for oper­a­tional capac­i­ty rea­sons
  • If the booked Trans­fer is can­celed due to a force majeure inci­dent (strike, demon­stra­tion, nat­ur­al dis­as­ter, acci­dent, etc.)
  • If the Trans­fer is can­celed due to a flight/ship delay over 8 hours as per the Com­pli­men­ta­ry Wait­ing Time Pol­i­cy

Oth­er cas­es:

  • If the Com­pa­ny receives a Trav­eller can­cel­la­tion request up to 24 hours pri­or to the sched­uled pick­up time, as per the Trav­eller Can­cel­la­tion Request Pol­i­cy, there is a can­cel­la­tion fee of 20% of the amount paid which will be held by Us. The rest 80% is refund­ed.
  • If the Com­pa­ny receives a Trav­eller can­cel­la­tion request with­in less than 24 hours pri­or to the sched­uled pick­up time, as per the Trav­eller Can­cel­la­tion Request Pol­i­cy, it is con­sid­ered as a last minute and non refund­able can­cel­la­tion, result­ing in a 100% can­cel­la­tion fee and NO refund to the Trav­eller.

In the occa­sion of a Trav­eller-dis­put­ed “Trav­eller No-Show”, if there is suf­fi­cient evi­dence to assume that both the Trav­eller and Dri­ver were at the pick­up loca­tion but failed to meet each oth­er and the Trans­fer was not oper­at­ed, the Trav­eller will be refund­ed 80% of the Trans­fer price as per the Trav­eller No-Show Pol­i­cy.

4. Travellers’ Rights and Obligations – Representations – Warranties

4.1 TRAVELLERS’ REPRESENTATIONS-WARRANTIES : By using the Plat­form, You agree:

  • to pro­vide true, accu­rate, com­plete and updat­ed infor­ma­tion about your­self at the book­ing form, and update them when­ev­er nec­es­sary. The Com­pa­ny is not oblig­at­ed to mon­i­tor or con­trol the accu­ra­cy of infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by You. If any infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by You is not in accor­dance with these pro­vi­sions or if the Com­pa­ny has rea­son­able grounds to sus­pect that such pieces of infor­ma­tion do not agree, the Com­pa­ny has the right to refuse Your reg­is­tra­tion, and sus­pend or ter­mi­nate imme­di­ate­ly, regard­less of notice, the reg­is­tra­tion of Your account and refuse any and
    every use, present or future, of the Ser­vices that require reg­is­tra­tion. In this case, You shall not be enti­tled to any indem­ni­ty or com­pen­sa­tion for the refusal, sus­pen­sion or can­cel­la­tion of Your reg­is­tra­tion.
  • that You will not use the Plat­form: for any unlaw­ful pur­pose; in any way that inter­rupts, dam­ages, impairs or ren­ders the Com­pa­ny less effi­cient; to trans­fer files that con­tain virus­es, tro­jans or oth­er harm­ful pro­grams; to access or attempt to access the accounts of oth­er users or to pen­e­trate or attempt to pen­e­trate any secu­ri­ty mea­sures; to dis­sem­i­nate any con­tent which is defam­a­to­ry, obscene, or may have the effect of being harass­ing, threat­en­ing or abu­sive to an indi­vid­ual or group of indi­vid­u­als on the basis of reli­gion, gen­der, sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion, race, eth­nic­i­ty, age or
    dis­abil­i­ty or oth­er­wise; to adver­tise or pro­mote third par­ty or Your own prod­ucts or ser­vices;
  • to refrain from doing any­thing which we rea­son­ably believe to be dis­rep­utable or capa­ble of dam­ag­ing our rep­u­ta­tion
  • and acknowl­edge that we have lim­it­ed con­trol over the nature and con­tent of infor­ma­tion received by You or oth­er users of the Plat­form. Although we reserve the right to do so, we do not mon­i­tor such con­tent in the usu­al course of busi­ness and will not be liable for any such con­tent. If You have a com­plaint about anoth­er user please con­tact us via the Plat­form;
  • to com­ply with all applic­a­ble laws from Your home nation, the coun­try, state and city in which You are present while using the soft­ware or Ser­vice;
  • to treat Dri­vers intro­duced to You through the Plat­form with respect and not to cause dam­age to their Vehi­cle;
  • to com­pen­sate and defend us ful­ly against any claims or legal pro­ceed­ings brought against us by any oth­er per­son as a result of Your breach of this agree­ment.
  • that the email (e.g that You use to reg­is­ter on the Plat­form shall not resem­ble to Company’s com­pa­ny name. Also log in pass­words deemed offen­sive may be delet­ed, as well as con­tain­ing a URL or email address.
  • that You shall not use the Ser­vice or soft­ware to cause nui­sance, annoy­ance or incon­ve­nience
  • that by access­ing and using the Ser­vices via mobile devices, or by using cer­tain mobile fea­tures, You may incur fees from the provider or car­ri­er of the mobile ser­vices that You use (“Car­ri­er”) and You are sole­ly respon­si­ble for the pay­ment of such fees.

4.2 You acknowl­edge and agree that You must avoid any action that may cause traf­fic safe­ty prob­lems. Par­tic­u­lar­ly, You war­rant and rep­re­sent that You will:

  • not in any way hin­der the Dri­ver from dri­ving safe­ly dur­ing Your trans­fer,
  • not attempt to dis­em­bark or board the vehi­cle when it is mov­ing,
  • not smoke,
  • not open win­dows and doors with­out the Driver’s con­sent;
  • be decent, cour­te­ous and not dis­play inap­pro­pri­ate, abu­sive, provoca­tive or threat­en­ing behav­ior in any way dur­ing the Trans­fer;
  • not take any action that may cause dam­age to the Driver’s Vehi­cle,
  • take care that the chil­dren, ani­mals and objects to be trans­ferred are done so with respon­si­bil­i­ty,
  • Not throw objects inside or out­side the Vehi­cles or pol­lute them in any way,
  • Care­ful­ly observe the instruc­tions for trav­el­ing with young chil­dren and for the trans­port of infant and kid strollers, lug­gage, bicy­cles and pets,
  • not con­sume food and drinks through­out Your Trans­fer and until the end of the Trans­fer.
  • not embark on a Vehi­cle with dirty or con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed cloth­ing

4.3 In cas­es where You car­ry ani­mals and/or objects dur­ing the Trans­fer and the Vehi­cle is damaged/destroyed or gets dirty some­how due to them, You under­take the oblig­a­tion to pay for any such dam­ages.

4.4. You also war­rant that You have ful­ly read and under­stood these Terms of Use, the Pol­i­cy of Accept­able Uses, the Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy and accepts them ful­ly and uncon­di­tion­al­ly and that You meet all the legal require­ments for the accep­tance of these Terms.

4.5 You war­rant and rep­re­sent that at Your own respon­si­bil­i­ty and expense, You shall imme­di­ate­ly take all nec­es­sary mea­sures and in any case ful­ly com­pen­sate, indem­ni­fy and hold harm­less the Com­pa­ny, its Affil­i­ates and its Part­ners and any third par­ty that derives rights there­from (part­ners, employ­ees, admin­is­tra­tors, sup­pli­ers, agents, rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the same and its asso­ciates) for any claim, loss, dam­age, cost, expens­es, lia­bil­i­ties, devi­a­tions, penal­ties, fines, lawyer fees We have suf­fered as a result of (a) any vio­la­tion by You of these Terms of Use and / or the Pol­i­cy of Accept­able Uses, of Your rep­re­sen­ta­tions and war­ranties under this Agree­ment, of intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty or oth­er rights of the Com­pa­ny; (b) any oth­er action or omis­sion that is ille­gal while using the Ser­vice; © vio­la­tion of applic­a­ble law on Your behalf.

5. Company’s Rights

5.1 Def­i­nite deac­ti­va­tion (dele­tion) of the Plat­form: Save as pro­vid­ed in these Gen­er­al Terms the Com­pa­ny express­ly reserves the right to delete the Plat­form and the Ser­vice respec­tive­ly, in the fol­low­ing cas­es at the Company’s absolute dis­cre­tion: a) in case You vio­late the Accept­able Use Pol­i­cy of the Plat­form, and / or b) vio­lates any term or pro­vi­sion men­tioned and at the Company’s absolute dis­cre­tion this vio­la­tion caus­es imme­di­ate risk-loss to the Com­pa­ny and / or to any oth­er User of the Plat­form c) has com­mit­ted, at the Company’s absolute dis­cre­tion, a penal or oth­er offence, dur­ing the use of the Plat­form and the Ser­vice and / or the Trans­port Ser­vices and/or d) for any oth­er impor­tant rea­son referred to here­in.

5.2 In the above cas­es, the Platform/Service is deac­ti­vat­ed imme­di­ate­ly and auto­mat­i­cal­ly, with­out the Com­pa­ny pro­vid­ing to the Trav­eller the right to remove the vio­la­tion, express­ly reserv­ing all its legal rights, includ­ing the right to com­pen­sa­tion for any dam­age that may have been suf­fered by the acts and / or omis­sions of its Users accord­ing to the above men­tioned.

5.3 Tem­po­rary de-acti­va­tion (dele­tion) of the Plat­form : Save as pro­vid­ed in these Gen­er­al Terms regard­ing the deac­ti­va­tion (dele­tion) of the Plat­form, the Com­pa­ny express­ly reserves its right at its sole dis­cre­tion to tem­porar­i­ly deac­ti­vate the Platform/Service, direct­ly and with­out any penal­ty in the event that it con­sid­ers that the Trav­eller has breached or has vio­lat­ed any applic­a­ble law and until the Trav­eller removes the breach with­in the time peri­od drawn by the Com­pa­ny, at its sole dis­cre­tion. In the event of the Traveller’s non-com­pli­ance, the Com­pa­ny may defin­i­tive­ly deac­ti­vate the Plat­form for the Trav­eller, express­ly reserv­ing all its law­ful rights, includ­ing the right for com­pen­sa­tion of any dam­age suf­fered by the User’s actions and / or omis­sions in accor­dance with the above men­tioned.

5.4 It is express­ly agreed that in the event of a per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary deac­ti­va­tion (dele­tion) of the Plat­form as per arti­cles 5.1 and 5.2 above is based on auto­mat­ed means, the user is not enti­tled to claim com­pen­sa­tion of any dam­age caused by the deac­ti­va­tion of the Platform/Service, in accor­dance with the above pro­vi­sions, even if the evi­dence on which the Com­pa­ny was based for the dele­tion of the Plat­form was incor­rect since the user acknowl­edges and accepts that the auto­mat­ed means used by the Com­pa­ny to iden­ti­fy any ille­gal or con­tract breach­ing actions of users are based either on gen­er­alised / auto­mat­ed elec­tron­ic com­mands of a soft­ware pro­gram that may include and / or make errors or on com­plaints by oth­er Users.

5.5 Ter­mi­na­tion of the Plat­form s Func­tion: The Com­pa­ny reserves the right, for tech­ni­cal rea­sons, main­te­nance and / or upgrade of the Plat­form, to dis­con­tin­ue the func­tion of the Platform/Service tem­porar­i­ly and at reg­u­lar inter­vals. In the event that this inter­rup­tion lasts more than a rea­son­able peri­od of time at the absolute dis­cre­tion of the Com­pa­ny or such inter­rup­tion has already been sched­uled by the Com­pa­ny, the lat­ter will noti­fy its Users. It is express­ly agreed that Users may not raise any claim against the Com­pa­ny for any loss or dam­age what­so­ev­er aris­ing out of this rea­son even if the Com­pa­ny, at its sole dis­cre­tion, does not give notice of such inter­rup­tion.

5.6 Except as express­ly set forth here­in, the Com­pa­ny may at any time ter­mi­nate, change, sus­pend or dis­con­tin­ue any par­tic­u­lar func­tion of the Plat­form, includ­ing the avail­abil­i­ty of the Ser­vice itself, pro­vid­ed that it noti­fy Trav­ellers in writ­ing with­in rea­son­able notice peri­od before the ter­mi­na­tion date as per this arti­cle.

5.7 Lim­i­ta­tion of war­ranties: The Com­pa­ny, its direc­tors, share­hold­ers, employ­ees, providers, part­ners always act in good faith in the con­text of the law and the present Gen­er­al Terms of Use. Hence it has take all tech­ni­cal and oth­er mea­sures and uses its best endeav­ours to ensure that (a) the Plat­form oper­ates con­tin­u­ous­ly and prop­er­ly with­out any prob­lems, inter­rup­tions, delays, errors or mis­takes; (b) defects and/or mis­takes are cor­rect­ed, (c ) data/information trans­ferred through the Plat­form (d) the tech­nol­o­gy used by the Com­pa­ny or the Servers, through which the Ser­vice is made avail­able to the Users, does not con­tain virus­es or oth­er harm­ful com­po­nents, how­ev­er THE COMPANY DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY RESPECTIVE WARRANTIES for all of the above men­tioned.

5.8 In addi­tion, the Com­pa­ny does not pro­vide any war­ran­ty for (a) the appro­pri­ate, effec­tive, and effi­cient func­tion of the Plat­form with regard to the pur­pose for which the Trav­eller uses it; (b) the com­pat­i­bil­i­ty of the Plat­form with third par­ty soft­ware that Dri­ver may use, unless these (soft­ware) are pro­vid­ed by the Com­pa­ny and only to the extent the Com­pa­ny has guar­an­teed for them in the rel­e­vant licens­es pro­vid­ed to the Trav­ellers © the prop­er and effi­cient exe­cu­tion of the Dri­vers’ trans­ac­tion Oblig­a­tion.

5.9 Lim­i­ta­tion of Oblig­a­tions: The Plat­form and the Ser­vice is pro­vid­ed “as it is and is made avail­able” and in a ful­ly auto­mat­ed man­ner and does not include the impor­ta­tion by the Com­pa­ny of any ele­ment in the Service’s sys­tem nor any cus­tomi­sa­tions on an ad hoc basis. The Appli­ca­tion may in the future be para­me­terised, at the sole dis­cre­tion of the Com­pa­ny.

5.10 The Com­pa­ny shall take all nec­es­sary tech­ni­cal and oth­er mea­sures to ensure that Trav­ellers com­ply with the present Terms of Use, how­ev­er, as a Provider of Infor­ma­tion Soci­ety Ser­vices, it has no gen­er­al nor statu­to­ry oblig­a­tion to (a) con­trol, (b) active­ly seek for facts or cir­cum­stances that indi­cate that Trav­eller has engaged in an unlaw­ful or con­tract breach­ing activ­i­ty while using the Platform/Service, © pro­vi­sion of tech­ni­cal sup­port and/or edu­ca­tion of the Trav­ellers.

5.11 Lim­i­ta­tion of Lia­bil­i­ty. In addi­tion to what is express­ly stat­ed here­in, the Com­pa­ny has no civ­il, penal and bears no lia­bil­i­ty towards the Trav­eller, any Autho­rised Users, their Affil­i­ates, Employ­er or employ­ee and / or any third par­ty ren­der­ing rights what­so­ev­er, in case that any of these per­sons, dur­ing using the Ser­vice, suf­fer any dam­age, loss, direct or indi­rect, inci­den­tal or dam­age for loss of prof­its, busi­ness, income, rep­u­ta­tion, sales of prod­ucts and fre­quen­cy of ser­vices’ pro­vi­sion, or any oth­er direct, indi­rect or repayable, eco­nom­ic or oth­er­wise, loss of prof­its, due to:

5 .11.1 Delayed or inap­pro­pri­ate send­ing, trans­mis­sion, main­te­nance, reten­tion, down­load­ing of any data, infor­ma­tion or /and Con­tent and / or loss and destruc­tion of such data due to mis­takes, omis­sions, mal­func­tions or dys­func­tions of telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion Net­works, the Inter­net, the web­site, Inter­net Ser­vice Providers.

5.11.2 Any per­ma­nent or tem­po­rary dis­abling of the Ser­vice, any ter­mi­na­tion of the Ser­vice or its indi­vid­ual func­tions, or any tech­ni­cal col­li­sion of the Ser­vice in accor­dance with the terms here­in.

5.11.3 Events, sit­u­a­tions, acts, actions and / or omis­sions by the Com­pa­ny or third par­ties includ­ing the Users/Authorised Users for which the Com­pa­ny does not pro­vide any war­ranties and is not bound by the terms here­in.

5.11.4 Use by the Dri­vers or third par­ties of Trav­ellers’ data (includ­ing any per­son­al data) for pur­pos­es oth­er than the use of the Ser­vice

5.11.5 Infringe­ment of applic­a­ble law on the pro­tec­tion of per­son­al data or oth­er applic­a­ble leg­is­la­tion which relates, for exam­ple, to the use of the Ser­vice

5.11.6 Infringe­ment of the ACCEPTABLE USE OF THE PLATFORM POLICY, the present Terms of Use by the Trav­ellers or oth­er users of the Appli­ca­tion.

5.11.7 Any dis­crep­an­cy between the time sys­tem of the Ser­vice and an offi­cial­ly defined time sys­tem.

5.11.8 Events of force majeure.

5.11.9 Dri­vers mis con­duct and/or breach of any laws on their behalf. Dri­vers non show, or delays oth­er than as assumens here­in.

5.11.10 Loss of staff dur­ing the trans­fer or any acci­dent.



5.14 In any case, it is express­ly agreed that the Com­pa­ny is liable only for direct dam­ages that result from decep­tion or gross neg­li­gence on its part. Sub­ject to manda­to­ry legal pro­vi­sions, the lia­bil­i­ty of the Com­pa­ny for direct loss due to gross neg­li­gence irre­spec­tive of legal rea­son is express­ly exclud­ed. The Company’s lia­bil­i­ty for indi­rect or con­se­quen­tial dam­ages, irre­spec­tive of rea­son, is com­plete­ly and explic­it­ly exclud­ed. Sub­ject to the lim­i­ta­tions set forth here­in and to the extent per­mit­ted by law, any lia­bil­i­ty of the Com­pa­ny is lim­it­ed to the total amount cor­re­spond­ing to the total cost of the Trans­port Ser­vice.


5.16 Pro­vi­sion of Infor­ma­tion : The Com­pa­ny, if so request­ed by a com­pe­tent pros­e­cu­tion, super­vi­so­ry, judi­cial or oth­er Author­i­ty, is oblig­ed to trans­mit the data of the Users and/or of Third Par­ties, includ­ing any per­son­al data of Autho­rised Users pro­vid­ed to the Com­pa­ny in accor­dance with the present Gen­er­al Terms, as well as any oth­er data and any oth­er infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by them with­out their pri­or notice or con­sent, on the grounds of nec­es­sary pro­tec­tion mea­sures against risks to state and pub­lic secu­ri­ty as well as for pros­e­cu­tion rea­sons, includ­ing tax crimes and offences.

6. Charges and Payment Policy

The Com­pa­ny facil­i­tates pre-pay­ment via Pay­Pal, Brain­tree, Check­out or Shopi­fy, Check­out or Shopi­fy of a Traveller’s Trans­fer, The cost of a Trans­fer (“Trans­fer Cost”) is the amount shown to You when You get a quote via the Plat­form or the amount shown to You before pay­ment. Trans­fer cost includes Driver’s fee and Company’s rev­enue. The Company’s Rev­enue is cal­cu­lat­ed on a per­cent­age basis or may be a fixed fee and its cal­cu­la­tion may change with­out any pre­vi­ous notice to You and accord­ing to the Company’s will and as it is deemed nec­es­sary for Company’s busi­ness.

The Dri­ver is sole­ly respon­si­ble for pro­vid­ing a print­ed receipt to the Trav­eller and abid­ing with local tax reg­u­la­tions on the income gen­er­at­ed by the Trans­fer. We do not hold any respon­si­bil­i­ty what­so­ev­er for tax com­pli­ance of the Dri­ver and/or Trav­eller with local tax author­i­ties.

Refunds: The full amount of the Trans­fer Cost (includ­ing the Company’s Rev­enue), is charged imme­di­ate­ly fol­low­ing com­ple­tion of such elec­tion to the Traveller’s autho­rized PayPal,Braintree, Check­out or Shopi­fy account and trans­ferred (less the Company’s Rev­enue) to such Driver’s account.

About the Refund Pol­i­cy please see sec­tion II. 3 ‑Poli­cies of Trans­port Ser­vices.

Pro­mo­tion­al Offers: The Com­pa­ny, at its sole dis­cre­tion, may make avail­able pro­mo­tion­al offers with dif­fer­ent fea­tures to any of Trav­ellers.

Facil­i­ta­tion of Pay­ments: All Dona­tions or Charges, as applic­a­ble, shall be facil­i­tat­ed through Pay­Pal or Brain­tree or Check­out or Shopi­fy, Company’s third-par­ty pay­ment pro­cess­ing ser­vice.

7. Traveler Opinions

7.1 Only the Trav­ellers who have received the Trans­port Ser­vice may rate / com­ment the Trans­port Ser­vice, the Dri­vers, their vehi­cles or what­ev­er else they deem appro­pri­ate and worth­while of anno­ta­tion or of pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive remark.

7.2 In par­tic­u­lar, the Com­pa­ny, upon com­ple­tion of the Trans­port, sends an email to the Trav­el­er in order to invite them to rate the Dri­ver who car­ried out the Trans­port, and the Com­pa­ny. The Trav­el­er rates the Dri­ver by set­ting a score from one (1) up to five (5) stars. For a score of three or less stars, the Trav­el­er should choose one of the rea­sons pre­sent­ed to them to jus­ti­fy their neg­a­tive feed­back. In any case the Trav­el­er has the right to send to the Com­pa­ny com­ments regard­ing the Dri­ver, the Com­pa­ny, the Trans­port and / or any­thing else.

7.4 The Com­pa­ny does not indem­ni­fy or reward Trav­el­ers who have sent their rat­ing / feed­back. Trav­el­ers’ review, rat­ing and com­ments may be used by the Com­pa­ny at its absolute dis­cre­tion to inform Trav­el­ers for mar­ket­ing pur­pos­es and for pur­pos­es of its own eval­u­a­tion of the Dri­vers.

7.5 Trav­el­ers have the right to pub­lish rat­ings / com­ments in pub­lic media, for exam­ple, social media or web­sites such as FB, TRIPADVISOR and it is at the dis­cre­tion of the Com­pa­ny whether to con­sid­er these rat­ings / com­ments too, as part of Your eval­u­a­tion by the Com­pa­ny and how these are man­aged in gen­er­al.


By enter­ing into this agree­ment and using the soft­ware, the Plat­form or Ser­vice, to the extent per­mit­ted by law, You agree that You shall defend, indem­ni­fy and hold the com­pa­ny, its licen­sors and each such party’s par­ent orga­ni­za­tions, sub­sidiaries, affil­i­at­ed com­pa­nies, dis­trib­u­tors, affil­i­ate (dis­tri­b­u­tion) part­ners, share­hold­ers, offi­cers, direc­tors, employ­ees, rep­re­sen­ta­tives, mem­bers, attor­neys, licensees, agents, or oth­ers involved in cre­at­ing, spon­sor­ing, pro­mot­ing, or oth­er­wise mak­ing avail­able the soft­ware and its con­tents harm­less from and against any and all claims, costs, dam­ages, loss­es, lia­bil­i­ties and expens­es (includ­ing attor­neys’ fees and costs) aris­ing out of or in con­nec­tion with: (i) any puni­tive, spe­cial, indi­rect or con­se­quen­tial loss or dam­ages, any loss of pro­duc­tion, loss of prof­it, loss of rev­enue, loss of con­tract, loss of or dam­age to good­will or rep­u­ta­tion, loss of claim, (ii) any inac­cu­ra­cy relat­ing to the (descrip­tive) infor­ma­tion (includ­ing per­son­al data, com­ments, and rat­ings) of the users as made avail­able on our soft­ware, (iii) the ser­vices ren­dered by the dri­ver, (iv) any (direct, indi­rect, con­se­quen­tial or puni­tive) dam­ages, loss­es or costs suf­fered, incurred or paid by You (includ­ing attor­neys’ fees and costs), pur­suant to, aris­ing out of or in con­nec­tion with the use, inabil­i­ty to use or delay or virus of our soft­ware and/or the serv­er that the soft­ware is host­ed, or (v) for any (per­son­al)
injury, death, prop­er­ty dam­age, or oth­er (direct, indi­rect, spe­cial, con­se­quen­tial or puni­tive) dam­ages, loss­es or costs suf­fered, incurred or paid by You, whether due to (legal) acts, errors,
breach­es, (gross) neg­li­gence, will­ful mis­con­duct, omis­sions, non-per­for­mance, mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tions, tort or strict lia­bil­i­ty by or (whol­ly or part­ly) attrib­ut­able to the user (its employ­ees, direc­tors, offi­cers, agents, rep­re­sen­ta­tives or affil­i­at­ed companies)(including attor­neys’ fees and costs), includ­ing any (par­tial) can­cel­la­tion, dou­ble-book­ing, strike, force majeure or any oth­er event beyond our con­trol (vi) any infor­ma­tion on this soft­ware some­times linked to exter­nal sites over which our ser­vices have no con­trol and for which we assume no respon­si­bil­i­ty (vii) any user vio­la­tion or breach of any term of this agree­ment or any applic­a­ble law or reg­u­la­tion, whether or not ref­er­enced here­in.

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