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Vito Minivan VIP

Mercedes Vito MiniVan VIP With Driver

Istan­bul air­port Trans­fer Ser­vice is the right choice when you want to make your­selves and your guests spe­cial as close as a phone when you want your exclu­sive Vito Mini­van as your vip car.
Our ultra vip vito vehi­cle is for 4 peo­ple.
125 Km or 12 Hours?

Our Mer­cedes Mini­Van Vito VIP vehi­cles are designed as seats which will make you feel spe­cial dur­ing your pri­vate jour­ney as we ful­ly uti­lize our exclu­sive car rental ser­vice through a spe­cial design process to be used in your pri­vate air­port trans­fers and driver?s car rental ser­vices. With­in our Ultra exclu­sive leased vehi­cles; leather seats, elec­tron­ic or portable table, refrig­er­a­tor, mini bar, satel­lite tv, dvd play­er, ultra vip. cof­fee machine and a vari­ety of in-car bev­er­ages are wait­ing to be allo­cat­ed to you in a vari­ety of spe­cial requests in accor­dance with your spe­cial requests. Our rental exclu­sive vehi­cles are also suit­able for pro­to­col usage, and vehi­cles can be rent­ed as an author­i­ty vehi­cle by equip­ping them with the nec­es­sary equip­ments accord­ing to the posi­tion of the per­son to make the pro­gram and vip trans­fer.

Air­port Trans­fer ser­vice is the right choice when you want to make your­selves and your guests spe­cial as close as a phone when you want your mer­cedes vito as your vip car.
Our vip vito Mini­Van vehi­cle is for 6 peo­ple.

Services you can use

  • Istan­bul Air­port trans­fer minibus rental ( Sabi­ha G?k?en Trans­fer, Istan­bul new Air­port Trans­fer )
  • If you are trav­el­ing on a city tour, you can rent a minibus for the whole day.
  • Rent a minibus with a dri­ver out­side the city. ( trans­fer to bur­sa, trans­fer to sapan­ca trans­fer to kartalk, trans­fer to ulu­da?, trans­fer to karte­pe trans­fer etc. )
  • Pro­to­col, author­i­ty car rental Mer­cedes Vito V with dri­ver.
  • Spe­cial Wel­come and Door ser­vices at air­ports (sabi­ha gok­cen, istan­bul new air­port ).
  • All day vip car rental with dri­ver Spe­cial trips and spe­cial days Shop­ping tours and Spe­cial days rental.
  • Cross­ing to the Asian Side will incur addi­tion­al costs.
  • Park­ing fees are extra and will direct­ly be paid to the dri­ver by the guests.
  • Please refer to the map pro­vid­ed for the areas eli­gi­ble with the stan­dard pric­ing. The areas col­ored yel­low rep­re­sent the ?heart of Istan­bul? where all the main attrac­tions are; the base price cov­ers a very big piece of what there is to see and vis­it for tourists in Istan­bul.

Information about our rental vehicles:

Check out our oth­er ultra VIP Vito V Type Vehi­cle.
Mer­cedes VIP Vito Mini­Van are spe­cial­ly lux­u­ry designed by our com­pa­ny accord­ing to the requests of my cus­tomers. Our main goal is to pro­vide you with a priv­i­leged ser­vice.
In vehi­cle and extra equip­ment vary accord­ing to bud­get. We have options to adapt to every bud­get in our vehi­cle fleet. Rental as vip Van have advanced air con­di­tion­ing, 220V elec­tric, cof­fee machine, 1 big LED TV, refrig­er­a­tor, valu­ables, inter­net, Apple TV, Net­flix, com­put­er con­nec­tion, night vision cam­era. Our vip vans for rent 2017–2019 mod­el, 5 + 1 pas­sen­ger and 1 dri­ver total 7 peo­ple. There is no extra insur­ance charge from our cus­tomers. Our prices may vary accord­ing to dis­tance and day. Cred­it card is valid in our com­pa­ny if you wish you can pur­chase online.

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