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Istanbul Airport Transportation Guide

Istan­bul air­port — sabi­ha gok­cen air­port — Ataturk air­port and Pub­lic Trans­porta­tion guide.

Private Transportation Airport city Transport:

Istan­bul offers a vari­ety of pri­vate trans­porta­tion options, includ­ing car rentals and pri­vate chauf­feur ser­vices. Here’s why you might con­sid­er these options:

1. Con­ve­nience:
Rent­ing a car or hir­ing a pri­vate chauf­feur pro­vides the con­ve­nience of trav­el­ing at your own pace and on your own sched­ule. You can explore the city with­out being tied to pub­lic trans­porta­tion timeta­bles.

2. Safe­ty and Secu­ri­ty :
Pri­vate trans­porta­tion options often pri­or­i­tize safe­ty and secu­ri­ty. Rental cars are reg­u­lar­ly main­tained, and pri­vate chauf­feurs are licensed and expe­ri­enced dri­vers, ensur­ing a secure jour­ney.

3. Acces­si­bil­i­ty:
Pri­vate trans­porta­tion allows you to reach des­ti­na­tions that may not be eas­i­ly acces­si­ble by pub­lic trans­port. You can vis­it remote or off-the-beat­en-path loca­tions with ease.

4. Lug­gage Space:
If you have a lot of lug­gage or bulky items, pri­vate trans­porta­tion offers more space to accom­mo­date your belong­ings com­fort­ably.

5. Per­son­al­ized Ser­vice:
Pri­vate chauf­feur ser­vices often come with a per­son­al­ized touch. Dri­vers can pro­vide local insights, rec­om­men­da­tions, and even act as tour guides dur­ing your jour­ney.

6. Pri­va­cy:
Trav­el­ing pri­vate­ly allows you to enjoy a lev­el of pri­va­cy that may not be pos­si­ble on pub­lic trans­porta­tion. You can have impor­tant dis­cus­sions or sim­ply relax in your own space.
Remem­ber: While pri­vate trans­porta­tion offers these advan­tages, it’s essen­tial to plan your bud­get accord­ing­ly, con­sid­er­ing fac­tors like fuel costs, park­ing fees, and chauf­feur ser­vice rates.

Bu şek­ilde daha detaylı bir açık­la­ma ekley­erek, insan­ların neden özel taşı­macılığı ter­cih etmeleri gerek­tiği konusun­da daha fazla bil­gi sağlaya­bilirsiniz.

Sea Trans­porta­tion:

  • Pro­vide detailed infor­ma­tion about Bospho­rus cruis­es and sea trans­porta­tion options. Dis­cuss fer­ry ser­vices, boat tours, and pri­vate yacht rentals.

Pub­lic Trans­porta­tion:

  • After cov­er­ing sea trans­porta­tion, delve into pub­lic trans­porta­tion in Istan­bul. Explain the bus routes, trams, sub­ways, and oth­er modes of pub­lic trans­port. Include infor­ma­tion on routes, sched­ules, and how to use them.

Taxi Ser­vices:

  • Describe taxi ser­vices in Istan­bul, includ­ing how to hail a taxi, fare esti­mates, and safe­ty tips.

Oth­er Trans­porta­tion Options:

  • Include infor­ma­tion about alter­na­tive trans­porta­tion options like bike rentals, scoot­er-shar­ing ser­vices, and more.

Impor­tant Tips for Trav­el­ers:

  • Offer essen­tial tips for trav­el­ers, such as Istan­bul­Card (a pub­lic trans­porta­tion card), fare pay­ment meth­ods, and trans­porta­tion eti­quette.

Emer­gency Con­tacts:

  • Pro­vide emer­gency con­tact num­bers and infor­ma­tion for assis­tance dur­ing your trans­porta­tion in Istan­bul.

Addi­tion­al Resources:

  • Rec­om­mend web­sites, apps, or maps that trav­el­ers can use for real-time trans­porta­tion infor­ma­tion.

Remem­ber to research thor­ough­ly to ensure that the infor­ma­tion you pro­vide is accu­rate and up-to-date. Addi­tion­al­ly, use clear and con­cise lan­guage to make the guide acces­si­ble to inter­na­tion­al trav­el­ers.

Istanbul Airport Public Transfer


It has lim­it­ed ser­vices to only 7 dif­fer­ent points of Istan­bul and their pric­ing is up to date with fix price. The voy­age inter­vals they use are every hour.

Your wait­ing time may vary depend­ing on the num­ber of peo­ple queu­ing before you. It is a safe jour­ney and only the wait­ing time may longer than you expect.

Check Havaist Timetable for Your Air­port Trans­fer

Legal TAXI

TAXI On your jour­neys with air­port taxis, you may have to wait for a min­i­mum of 35 or 40 min­utes by enter­ing the taxi queue first.
While wait­ing for your turn, if you con­sid­er how the weath­er will give you a sur­prise that day, it will not be easy to wait on a freez­ing day with rain or in an extreme­ly humid weath­er.

Istanbul Airport Shuttle

Shut­tle Ser­vices
There are air­port shut­tle trans­fers that you can get from many web­sites or tourism agen­cies around the world.

Even if air­port shut­tle trans­fers are known for their cheap­ness, they are col­lec­tion ser­vices that have to right to hold you between 1 minute to 60 minute after meet­ing the per­son who wel­comes you.

Social Distance is Important

-Keep It
‑Lux­u­ry and Safe Pri­vate Trans­fer (IST)
‑Pri­vate Air­port Trans­fer

The biggest fac­tor in get­ting a pri­vate trans­fer from Istan­bul air­port is that there is a staff mem­ber who greets you with your name out­side while pick­ing up your lug­gage after you land at the air­port.

As you can imag­ine, peo­ple may encounter all kinds of prob­lems at the air­port at any time, espe­cial­ly in a dif­fer­ent coun­try where you may have long prob­lems, it is very nice to know that there is some­one who could speak your lan­guage and wait­ing for you.

Being involved in the prob­lems you may expe­ri­ence and con­tin­ue with a verb to your hotel and con­tin­ued with giv­ing infor­ma­tion about what you can do dur­ing your trav­el.

Will choose the fastest and safest route pos­si­ble in the Istan­bul traf­fic on your behalf, and this is the biggest fac­tor that relieves you of know­ing how much I charge the ser­vice fee before you leave your home.

Our Transfer Descriptions From The Airport Or Your Location

Air­port Trans­fer ” We pro­vide two-way trans­fer ser­vice from all parts of Istan­bul to both Istan­bul Air­port and Sabi­ha Gökçen Air­port.
In addi­tion, trans­fer ser­vice from Istan­bul Galat­a­port Cruise Ports to your hotel and the oth­er direc­tion is pro­vid­ed.
We pro­vide car ser­vice with dri­ver for your dai­ly trips or busi­ness trips.

Our Office Employ­ees are work­ing day and night to Pro­vide the Best Ser­vice to You, Our Valu­able Cus­tomers. Our Office is Open 24/7 (Includ­ing Hol­i­days)

Our col­leagues are always at the air­port.

So regard­less of your arrival time, we always wel­come you with a sign with your name on it.

Our greet­ing staff will accom­pa­ny you to your hotel. And we can trans­fer you to your accom­mo­da­tion direct­ly with our brand new Vip minibus­es that are air con­di­tioned with­out stop­ping any­where.
Com­fort­able and safe with our Eng­lish-speak­ing assis­tant from both air­ports it will be the eas­i­est, most com­fort­able way to trav­el.

Stop bar­gain­ing with taxi dri­vers. Also, if you need to trans­fer ser­vices between two air­ports, Air­port Trans­fer can do this for you with the best price and ser­vice qual­i­ty.

When it is nec­es­sary for the trans­fer ser­vice using a small num­ber or as a group, please con­tact us imme­di­ate­ly to get the best prices for your group and get a quote from us.

Airport Transfer guide

All air­port trans­fers are wıth local asis­tant (asis­tance prices is includ­ed)
(includ­ing nation­al and reli­gious hol­i­days)

Air­port Trans­fers Start­ing at € 65.
Dai­ly City Tours Start­ing from € 150 (9 Hours – 08:30am-17:30)

Please note that we answer all ques­tions with­in 2 hours, if you can not hear from us with­in 2 hours, please check your spam fold­er, also con­tact us by phone or Using What­sup on our web­site.

Check Seablue Com­pa­ny for more Trav­el.

Lux­u­ry Trans­fer Istan­bul

The lux­uy trans­fer ist, and all over Turkey reli­able, low-cost, fixed sched­uled air­port trans­fers, air­port taxi, air­port bus and pri­vate air­port trans­fers ?

Istan­bul Vip lux Trans­fer

Istan­bul VIP trans­fer, and all over Turkey reli­able, low-cost, fixed sched­uled air­port vip trans­fers, air­port taxi, air­port bus and pri­vate air­port trans­fers ? ser­vices we pro­vide. We pro­vide pri­vate air­port trans­fers

Istan­bul galat­a­port Trans­fer

The Istan­bul galat­a­port Trans­fer has a capac­i­ty of 25 mil­lion vis­i­tors, about 7 mil­lion tourists and 1.5 mil­lion cruise pas­sen­gers every year; It will simul­ta­ne­ous­ly host 5 cruise ships and approx­i­mate­ly 15,000 pas­sen­gers per day.

shangri la bosphorus

Fairs and Exhi­bi­tions

We offer inte­gral exclu­si­va trans­port ser­vices for all kind of fairs o exhi­bi­tions assis­tance.

The best comod­i­ty to enjoy the long fair days.

shopping old bazaar

Wed­ings & Cer­e­monies

We like to see peo­ple hap­py. This is why we offer a com­plete ser­vice, ful­ly adapt­ed to an event like wed­dings, bap­tisms, com­mu­nions or any oth­er cer­e­monies.
We offer inte­gral exclu­si­va trans­port ser­vices for all kind of fairs o exhi­bi­tions assis­tance. The best comod­i­ty to enjoy the long fair days.

shopping old bazaar

Busi­ness Trips

We know the impor­tance sup­pos­es for a busi­ness man or woman to arrive on time for his appoint­ments and meet­ings,

also we offer them the best way to reach them.

shop old bazaar


Istan­bul and its sur­round­ings are known not only for its cul­ture and lifestyle.

But is also famous for its shops.

We take you where you want.

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